Fall Family Day at Lake Lehow

What a gorgeous day it was! A true Goldilocks Day! It started out a little nippy as we were setting up. But as the sun came up higher and the veterans arrived, it started to warm up nicely without getting too hot. And the fish were biting! Old and young were able to catch trout and blue gills, or if not catching them at least touching some fish. However, the big bass seen cruising by outsmarted us and didn’t bite. And luckily, the big snap turtle of the lake did not go after one of our flies either.

Special thanks go out to:
Jim Cowell for organizing it and herding us cats.
Gary and Bev Hartzell were coordinating the provided lunch. They were excellent cooks and fed us well. And thanks to everybody who contributed a side dish (I have very fond memories of the apple cobbler).
Jerry Donovan for being there as the representative of the Division of Wildlife. We so appreciate to be able to utilize this venue throughout the year.
Everyone participating, whether you fished or helped in other capacities. You know we couldn’t have done it without you!

Hope you had as much fun as I did.


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