Holmestead Ranch Outing

This event was a shared event with the Colorado Springs and the Fort Collins Programs. It was hosted by Don Holmes and his wife on their beautiful property between Fairplay and Hartsel. In some of the pictures you can see little red flags at the shoreline. These are areas closed for conservation purposes to have the shoreline fill in with grass. The Holmes are very active in improving and conserving their land and it shows. It is absolutely gorgeous.

PHW was lucky to have almost a one-to-one ratio on guides to vets, with additional help of volunteers to run water, snacks or bug spray to the fishermen. Lunch was served one ranch south on Plate Ranch with the help of more volunteers.

I assume that everybody had a good time, at least I did not hear any complaints. And how could you complain when everybody got to catch fish and every species (Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat and Brookie) was seen at the end of the line. 🙂


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