PHWFF-Denver Contacts

Program Lead:                            Dave Carrillo,

Program Co-Lead:                     Larry Fivecoats,

Trip Coordinator:                        Nate Satterelli,

Take a Vet Fishing:                        Val Roberts,

Beginner Fly Tying:                     Ralph Rhoades,

Intermediate Fly tying:               Daryl Holcomb,

Rod Building:                              Jim Sawyer,

VA Clinic Coordinator:                Jim Cowell,

Life Skills Coordinator:              Marty Martinez,

Finance:                                       Mike Sikora,

Strategy:                                      Eddy Wittry,

Special events/PR:                     Randy Weidner,

Outreach/Onboarding:               Shauna Bednar,

Project Healing Waters Denver Voicemail:      720-515-1366

For an activity contact, refer to the activity announcement on this Web site.