Voices from Falcons Ledge

Laurence Vaughan: What can I say David and Jeff are just great, just love the place !!!!! Just didn’t get anytime there [my fault just wanted to fish the beautiful ponds and lakes there]. But Jeff was so great; we found a stash of belly boats and were able to sneak out on the lake with only an hour before breakfast, with only one working belly boat! Jeff took us to a lake I didn’t know was on the property and we let Bruce go first and then I had my turn. I caught a nice rainbow on the first streamer I used. Great time, will always remember this for [Jeff going out of the way] but then had to quit to go to breakfast. Pretty much the rest of the trip was a lot of driving. It needs to be extended for 1 more day, so you can enjoy the beautiful lodge and lakes – they are so beautiful!!!!!! Then next day Jeff took Bruce and I up to top lake and Bruce caught a nice 23″ rainbow and got an over 20″ pin the only one of the trip! And again, David C. and Jeff Held !! are just the best. Would like one more trip with them, please, please, please!!!                                                               Thank you again for the first time in a belly boat, just loved it!!!! To all at healing waters, thank you for making this a better world to be in, love you all, Laurence Vaughan